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Epicurean adventures for food-lovers. Quality produce and seasonal gastronomy

The Basque Country is a land of rich natural resources. Mother Nature has been generous to us. A thousand years of tradition and expertise has elevated Basque cuisine and wine to a much-lauded art form. The world-renowned regional cuisine is based on prime, natural, locally-sourced produce such as excellent sea bream –often served chargrilled–, cured meats, suckling lamb, salt-cod, sheep’s milk cheese, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, and fresh anchovies, to name but a few. Dishes can be traditional or avant-garde, simple or sophisticated, but the ingredients are always first class. We’ll show you the food markets and take you to a traditional Basque “gastronomic society” for lunch. We’ll take you to farms, cider houses, and wineries where you can see artisans curing ham, making Idiazabal cheese, anchovy processing workshop, and Txakoli wine or cider. Our gastronomic tours are totally customizable and can be tailored to guarantee an unbeatable food and wine experiences in San Sebastian. Come with us and let us show you gourmet paradise.

Featured tours

Txakoli wine & Getaria

8 hours

Try the best grilled fish!


Cider & Ham

8 hours

Meal at a farmhouse included!


Pintxo Hopping

3 hours

Off the beaten path bars!


Cooking class

5 hours

Become a temporary Basque citizen!


Walking tour & Pintxo Hopping

4 hours

SS City Highlights + cullinary stroll!


Idiazabal Cheese & Countryside

8 hours

Visit the Basilica of Loyola!


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